Abstract # P-7 Worldwide Status of Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract Surgery in 2008

Arshinoff, Steve, Canada

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About the Presenter:
Steve Aaron Arshinoff was born in Montreal, Canada. He received his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and then attended the University of Toronto for his residency in ophthalmology. He has been in private ophthalmic group practice in Toronto, Canada since 1980 and holds academic appointments at the University of Toronto, and McMaster University (Hamilton).

Dr. Arshinoff's areas of special interest are primarily cataract and refractive surgery, which make up about 80% of his practice. He is the author of >240 peer-reviewed publications and chapters in 18 medical textbooks, is on the editorial board of five peer reviewed ophthalmology journals and is an active reviewer for many journals. He has lectured widely and maintains an ongoing research commitment. Dr. Arshinoff has particular interest in simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery (SBCS), antibiotic prophylaxis for intraocular surgery and ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (viscoelastics). He is a delegate of Canada to the International Standards Organization (ISO), currently reformulating world standards for OVDs. He has lectured worldwide on OVDs and techniques to use them optimally.

Arshinoff, Steve A.; Odorcic, Silvia

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