Abstract # P-44 Inadvertent Insertion of an Opposite-Side Tecnis ZM900 Multifocal IOL

Hida, Wilson, Brazil

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Wilson Takashi completed his residency at São Paulo Santa Casa Hospital, (Sao Paulo, Brazil), followed by a Research Fellow in Cataract Surgery in Sao Paulo University School of Medicine and Cataract Surgery tutor in Sao Paulo Santa Casa Hospital School of Medicine. Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Observer fellow in Keio University and Mitsui Memorial Hospital, (Tokyo, Japan) and now is currently as Assistant in the Opthalmology Department of São Paulo Santa Casa Hospital, (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
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Hida, Wilson T.; Nakano, Celso T.; Fujita, Reinaldo; Reis, Alexandre; Kara, Newton J.

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