Poster # P-78 Evaluation of New Endothelial Microscopy Modulation Implementations in Torsional and Neosonix Phacoemulsification

Presenter: Pamplona, Mauricio

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In this prospective study patients were selected according to lens hardness using LOCS III classification . We included cataract ranging from NO2/NC2 to NO3/NC3. Surgery was performed using karate pre-chop technique in all patients. US amount was recorded at the end of emulsification using cumulative dispersed energy (CDE) units. Endothelial microscopy loss was made with LSM 2000C marca BioOptics, with cell anlyser software Bambi Plus 2000. Parameters were the same in all procedures: in bottle height 110cm, vacuum 425mmHg, aspiration flow 40mmHg, dynamic rise 3 and 30pps. The only variation being in US settings: 75% linear amplitude US and 100% Neosonix 30pps and 75% linear amplitude US with 100% Torsional.

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